Emerging Verticals

We are Expanding our Capabilities in Key Emerging Verticals

From spearheading Digital Engagement initiatives to facilitating completely new business models, we drive digital business forward in these key segments.

We Serve

Oil & Gas

View our portfolio of business and IT services for upstream, mid-stream and downstream operations and how they benefit


We help utility companies innovate and reinvent their business models while continuing to modernize and streamline operations.

Customer Experience Management

We help the utility industry address a wide range of challenges and gain premier customer experience and cost optimization.


From procurement to programming and supply chain management to business performance management, we enable our Automotive clients to reimagine their business for a changing world as we improve operational efficiency, enhance profitability, and realize organizational goals.


GLB’s solutions and offerings are based on years of work with leading energy and utility companies. They comprise proven methodologies, frameworks and assets to ensure successful outcomes.

Customer Experience Management

As customer expectations and communication channels evolve, we focus on providing a best‑in‑class experience leveraging digital expertise.

Smarter Utilities

Built on our experience with early smart grid adopters, Cognizant’s Smarter Utilities solutions are designed to maximize the benefits from smart grid investments.

Our Thinking

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Electricity Market Expansion for a Leading UK Gas Supplier

A leading electricity and gas retailer in the UK engaged us to help chart a course for its growing electricity portfolio. GLB analyzed and assessed processes, people and systems across all core business units, including sales, pricing, meter operations, procurement, risk and settlements. Using our recommendations and an accompanying roadmap, the utility realized multiple business benefits, including significant savings in process efficiency.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.